What Parents Say:

  "Amazing office staff, caring doctors and efficient yet thorough service. We LOVE Dr. Bird and recently got to meet Dr. Gulati whom we also LOVE. Always pleased with the entire practice. Thank you for taking such great care of our children's smiles!" - A. Holmes

"Dr. Bird and her staff are amazing. I recommend her and her practice to all of my friends with kids and have only heard great things about everyone's experiences. My boys are happy in the waiting room (not that we ever have to wait more than 5 min), they love every member of the staff, and actually enjoy going to the dentist. Trust me, if these ladies can convince my very needy, clingy, sensitive 2 year old to sit through a cleaning (and successfully follow their very kid-friendly directions) AND convince my 4 year old to do x-rays and a cleaning without me being right there, since I was leery about 2 year old's behavior (and I needn't have), they are miracle workers! Thank you, Dr. Bird and staff! I will continue to recommend you to everyone who needs a pediatric dentist AND look forward to seeing you every 6 months (seriously, who looks forward to going to the dentist? We do!)"

"My two year old absolutely adores Dr. Bird and her staff. When we went several weeks ago he was so excited when he left because he said they made his teeth shiny and he wanted to show everyone. They know exactly how to keep him focused so they can do their jobs and do a great job at it. I would recommend Dr. Bird to anyone with children especially with small ones." - Mica

"I could not of been more pleased both with the environment and the pleasentness of the staff at Dr. Bird's office. I especially like the touch of taking a picture of Dr. Bird and my daughter, and then mailing it to us...my 2 year old daughter carries it around and shows everyone! Wonderful experience for us both! Thanks!" N.L.

"Your staff changed my son's entire outlook about going to the dentist. Now he's excited about it and talks about how proud he is to have clean teeth." T.M.

"I was very impressed with the friendliness and professionalism of the dental staff-from front desk to hygienist to dentist! Everything was high tech and I really appreciated the extra security with checking in my daughter. Thank you for taking care of children!" S.J.

"I just told somebody the other day that I would highly recommend Dr. Bird." T.P.

"I am very happy I was referred to you!! I have told all my friends just how happy I am with the staff, service, level of detail and location. Thank you all for being so kind and working with my family!" K.S.

"Tucker told all his friends at shool how much fun he had at Dr. Bird's!" V. Y.

"My children love coming to your office the decor is very important and being that orange is my daughter's favorite color she loves it. She now wants to be a dentist and she's only 4." C.L.

"I am so thankful we switched to Dr. Bird's practice. My children love the atmosphere and gentle touch of all the staff. The front desk staff are very personable and helpful." E.M.

"Everyone was very patient, kind and made both of my children feel comfortable throughout the entire process - from x-rays to sealants to orthodontics. As a mom of one very anxious child and one very laid back child, I appreciate your team!!" S. Jansen

"The dental assistant was incredible! Spoke so well (never talked down) to our 3-year old, reassured him every step of the way, she was so calm, professional, and kind. She even got Hoby (our 3-year old) to get x-rays, the first try!!" T. Peck

"My two daughters were very fearful to go to a new dentist because of past bad experiences. From the moment we arrived, the staff worked hard to put them at ease. The dental hygienist who cleaned their teeth, (I can't remember her name), was WONDERFUL! She talked them through every step of the visit and was very patient and funny. My girls, not only didn't have much anxiety, but they enjoyed their appointment and had fun. Thank you for such a great experience!" The Skeels family


"My kids LOVE Dr. Bird and her TEAM!! From sign in to check out you ALL are AMAZING. Thank you for taking the time to make sure my kids enjoy their visit. Also, I really appreciate that you take the extra time to explain everything." - A Manion